Castle Camps Village
Castle Camps Village


The RNLI would like to thank all those in the area for supporting the Lifeboats throughout this year. Many thanks again to all the voluntary collectors who helped with the House-to-House collections and the various pubs and shops which support us by having a Lifeboat Box throughout the year.

Jill Vane-Tempest, who manages the local RNLI Fund Raising, has kindly provided us with a copy of her article which is going into the Steeple Bumpstead magazine.

Castle Camps is part of the Bumpstead area and during this year, the group raised £1470.82 for this very worthwhile cause, which relies entirely on voluntary donations.

As some of you maybe aware, various charities are reconsidering their fund raising activities and the RNLI have recently decided to end The House-to-House collections from 1st January 2017.

A formal statement has been issued which we enclose below: “The RNLI has decided that house-to-house collections will no longer take place from 1January 2017. This decision has been taken by the RNLI Executive Team following the charity’s recent decision to only contact supporters who have given their express consent. The decision to move to ‘Opt-in’ was made because the RNLI wanted to respect its supporters’  contact preferences and only keep in touch with those who’ve proactively said that they are happy to continue hearing from the charity. Cold calling - whether by phone or in person - does not fit with his sentiment, so the decision to stop this method of fundraising has been taken.

Louise Barth, RNLI Fundraising and Development Manager, said: ‘I recognise that, for some branches, house-to-house fundraising is an important part of their current calendar of activities and the decision to stop this kind of fundraising was not taken lightly. We considered the number of branches engaged in house-to-house collections and the overall income generated and decided that this did not outweigh our commitment to only contact our supporters if they’ve given us their express permission to do so.’

Louise continues ‘I’d like to thank everyone who has helped raise money through house-to-house fundraising in the past”

There is more information about this decision and ways that supporters can ‘Opt-in’ on their website:  if you don’t have a computer you can contact either of us  and we can pass your details on to RNLI Head Office. Although many of you might be disappointed by this decision to stop the house-to-house, we are looking at alternative ways of fund raising in the village. We shall keep you informed via the Camps Review and the village website and look forward to your continued support.

Thank you all again those who have helped out over many years - your support has been amazing.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

Eric Lee
Alan Hardy