Castle Camps Village
Castle Camps Village

1st Horseheath Brownies

We have just returned from our annual holiday to the Jarman Centre in Newmarket. Our theme was “All the Fun of the Fair” and the girls made skittles and a bowling ball (sock version), mardi-gras masks, clown puppets and decorated old CD’s as clowns. They also tried to find the geocaches they had hidden last year and with some help they did. We also held a campfire with the Rainbows who were sleeping upstairs.

As our numbers are quite low at present we haven’t decided whether to book our 2019 weekend holiday or to wait and see if a sleepover would be better.

Also this term we have made Mothering Sunday cards, had a trip to Horseheath Church and celebrated our Founder’s birthday at the District Thinking Day service. We now have Easter crafts to look forward to at the end of March as well as an Promise celebration for Tayla-Mae and Hollie.

We are a small group of Brownies and would welcome any new girls joining our merry band so if you have a daughter who would be interested in joining us please register her at or if you would like more information on what we do or would like to help us with a special skill you may have then please drop us an email.